Your Demise EP

by Thanatopsis

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released October 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Thanatopsis Oakland, California

old school bay area death metal from early 90s

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Track Name: Your Demise
Locked up but guilty of no crime
Psychotic narcissistic – indifferent in my mind
Truth lies and justice is not blind
The ties that bind – Despondent I cry YOU’LL DIE

Filled with wrath the coming blade that
Finds your back before you can

Restrain my body now I seethe
The scales of justice tilted – obscured uncertainty
My rage my vengeance what you feed
Daylight a dream – In darkness I scream YOU’LL BLEED

On this night intentions violent
In my sights brutality sent

I raise my weapon this knife
Bound to the table and now - I slice

Mercy denied – beg for the pardon you seek
Hope nullified – leaving you worthless and weak
Meet your demise
Track Name: Consequence (Of Failed Rebellion)
Ten thousand eyes
Looked to you today
Before they recognized, realized, they were prey

Five thousand lives
Cut short so tragically
Never to see tomorrow, pure sorrow, misery

Lost on this night - Just as I said it would be

Poison the masses endless greed unsatisfied
Absorbed by arrogance you laugh at those who die
A missed connection, a change of fate
Now suffer by the hand of anger you create

Hellbound – Hellbound

Ten thousand eyes
Look the other way
Blinded by corruption, destruction, lead astray

Five thousand lives
Scream to be saved
No one to hear wailing, limbs flailing, in dismay

Vengeance this night – Fulfill this dark prophecy

You crossed the master now disaster meets your lies
A smashed rebellion doomed to fail and left to die
Your world in chaos – your world enslaved
Provocateur, conspirator, you dug your grave

Forced acquiescence was your lesson severed ties
Exposed deceiver from your face I reap grim cries
Engaged in torture – increase the pain
To mutilate, your tongue I’ll take, yourself to blame

Never to speak a lie again

Time to make the change
Every decision scrutinized
Subversive rebel lobotomized
The verdict in sentence begins – tonight

Unborn – filled with a hatred of life
Reborn – embrace the darkness inside

Dark allegiance sworn x 3
Evil twisted form